Design Build | Egrets Landing, Sugar Land

PROJECT: Egrets Landing, Sugar Land

CLIENT: Egrets Landing, Sugar Land

LOCATION: Sugar Land, Tx

ARCHITECT: Identity Architects

COMPLETION: September 2018

Egrets Landing, Sugar Land is a landmark transforming its surroundings.

In a city known for its red-brick style, Egrets Landing, Sugar Land overcame the stigma of the area to create a modern, innovative design that has become a landmark in the Sugar Land area. From the buildings distinguishing features, starting from the glass exterior, leading into the oasis of the interior, one would truly be amazed at the intricate design of this project.

Others have followed our lead, and now traveling through Sugar Land, you will take notice of a more modern look coming to the area.

Unlike many renewal and revitalization projects, the Egrets Landing project is not merely focusing on the financial gains. Rather, we are aiming to transform the city into a mecca for innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to inspire creativity, entrepreneurial energy, and innovation. This is why we encourage and accept with open arms, those who want to tour the building and get a first-hand look of its intricate design.

In doing so, we believe the people and the city will thrive.


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