A growing force within the construction industry.

Our committed approach is built on the premise that collaboration and communication are key in all aspects of a project’s lifecycle. This assures our clients are provided transparency and a promise of commitment, the key quality at the core of our business.


E Contractors leverages more than a century of combined professional experience, spanning core competencies including construction management, financial advisory, and in-depth project management.

Our network of construction resources and human capital is the catalyst for our robust mobilization of skilled construction teams and progressive methodologies, making our expertise an integral component for construction success.

We secure labor through carefully selected subcontractors that have a demonstrated history of safety performance, excellence, and viable success.

Irfan Abji, Pricipal E Contractors

Irfan Abji, Principal

Irfan Abji is Principal for both Oakdale Group and E Contractors, as well as President / Chief Executive Officer of Egrets Group (EG).

Mr. Abji is a well renowned financial consultant, skilled in international business and government negotiations, a gateway leading to his stellar management of numerous banking firms focused on international infrastructure. He is an asset to entrepreneurs, often serving as an adviser with tangible and reputable international and local financing experience.

Alejandra Cobas-Abji, Principal E Contractors

Alejandra Cobas, Principal

Maria A. Cobas is a Principal of the Oakdale Group, a conglomerate providing financial services for businesses and entrepreneurs. She has more than 20 years of experience in financial consulting, real estate acquisition, business development, and construction. She’s also a design-genius with an impeccable architectural knack for design perfection.

Maria is equipped with a strong and successful background collaborating with various investors working with the governments of Coquimbo, Chile, San Juan, and Argentina. Working closely with various governments and investors has given her an international advantage over her peers.

Joseph Roemen, Project Manager E Contractors

Joseph Roemen, Project Manager

As a project manager, Joseph Roemen, manages, directs and oversees the construction project from start to finish. He is involved in every aspect of the construction process including, scheduling, quality control, construction management, and most importantly project-site safety.

Joseph’s diverse experience enables him to collaborate with all team members. He ensures projects exceed the expectations of his clients, while also remaining timely and safe.

C. Greg Becnel, Project Manager E Contractors

C. Greg Becnel III, Project Manager

Greg is a highly accomplished leader, architect, project planner and lead designer. An innate problem solver with exceptional time management, technical skills, and creativity necessary to lead complex projects with sizable budgets.

He has a wealth of knowledge in the K-12 construction arena, successfully completing projects from early Pre-K centers, elementary, middle, and high schools. Greg manages and oversees construction projects, providing leadership, safety-conscience communication to his team, and on-time cost-effective results.

Stanley Jackson, Project Manager E Contractors

Stanley Jackson, Project Manager

Stanley is a results-driven and well-organized Construction Project Manager/Director with extensive knowledge of the engineering/construction industry. He comes with over 20 years of project management experience, interacting with all levels of professionals in the engineering and construction market place.

Expertise in all phases of construction: pre-construction development, project scoping, project budgeting, contract negotiations, and site-safety management. Project types include commercial ground-up construction, tenant build-outs, renovations, restaurants, educational facilities, and Job Order Contracting.